Wooden kitchen board image "Mother-in-law".

Brand: ПП, Украина
Product Code: Дошка дерево з мал. "Свекрусі".
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Kitchen board for cutting products "For the best mother-in-law ".

Svaha - so in Ukraine two mothers are called each other, whose children are married.

Materialnatural beech wood, 1,5 cm thick.

Size30 cm by 16 cm.


Package: does not have.

Bukovі tree viroschen - in ecologically clean region of Ukraine - Prikarpatti.

Masters from Ivano-Frankivsk region after a long drying and selection of good wood,

made kitchen boards, with professional surface treatment and edges of the board.

Semicircular edges, dense - less absorb excess moisture.

 After production, all boards are processed with natural linseed or sunflower oil,

this extends the life of the product - 1) protecting from the excess moisture of the fiber of the tree inside the board,

2) saves longer appearance,(when working with products: colored juices and fats penetrate deep into

tree structure leaving spots - therefore, proper preprocessing prevents this and the board retains its  excellent appearance).

The board is decorated with various drawings and inscriptions - with the help of laser burning.

It is also possible to use a side with a pattern as a work surface.

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