Plate deep with ornament "Flower".

Brand: ПП, Украина
Product Code: Тарілка гл. "Квітка",16, П.Р.
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Deep plate with Petrikov painting "Flower".

Painter: Golodnyak, village Petrikovka, Ukraine.

Materialnatural birch or lime tree.

Sizediameter 16 cm, height 4,5 cm.


Package: does not have.

One of the most famous souvenir tourist business cards of Ukraine -  products decorated

in the style of Petrikov art painting.All products are manual labor, and each is not repeated, exclusive.

They are made by craftsmen on wood, from a well-dried birch or lime tree, they are light and durable.

Next, artists from the village of Petrykivka work on them, who from generation to generation pass on their

skills in this artistic painting.

Used paints are qualitative and time-tested, products are covered with several layers of varnish.

Deep dishes are used for candies, cookies and more. And of course, this beauty also serves as a decor.

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