Magnet "Young couple in flowers, Ukraine",round, puff.

Brand: "SUPERMAGNIT", Украина
Product Code: Магніт "Молода пара в квітах, Україна", круглий, сл.
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Magnet "Young couple in flowers, Ukraine".


Size:  9*9 cm.


Package: packaging

The upper part shows a young Cossack and a girl,she dances, in national dress.

The lower part of the magnet scrolls and has several options for photo-panoramas: a traditional

Ukrainian hut in the past, a horse with a hay cart, a church and a house,

and on the third -  windmills.

Made of a few pieces layers of chipboard,each layer contains a separate glossy picture - this gives

the appearance of a magnet of volume and 3-D effect.Qualitatively made.The magnet holds well.

Such magnets are well suited for kitchens with ceramic tiled floors,

unlike porcelain and ceramic magnets, when a magnet falls, the tile or the magnet itself does not break either.

Good for transportation - it has light weight and good strength.

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